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Sep 14, 2013

Win Yourself The Hottest Smartphone Of The Year

Saving has never been this fun!

Forget piggy banks, this bank gives you better rewards for saving money.

Deposit RM500 in a current/savings account or RM2000 in FD with Affin Bank now, and you could just win yourself the hottest
smartphone of the year, the Samsung Galaxy S4!

Be in style with the latest IT Gadgets when you participate in

What is social media to you?

Malaysia's largest social media survey is back! We want to know all about how all of you use social media.

Tell us all about your social media habits at the Nom Nom Media Social Media Minds 2.0
survey, and the first 1000 Churpers who complete the survey will receive RM 1 credited to their ChurpChurp account. Do tell your friends and family about this survey too, so they can join in the fun!

Be part of Malaysia's largest social media survey
and you could get rewarded!

Things Malaysians do with technology - which one is you?

Candy Crush. Youtube videos. (Sometimes unnecessary) live tweets. Instagram pictures of your yummy dinner food. Does that sound like you?

If you're guilty of all that as shown in this hilarious video, it's time to do more lah!

Serlahkan bakat anda untuk peluang memenangi wang besar RM 50,000!

Program pencarian bakat yang tidak nilaikan paras rupa, tetapi hanya melalui suara, Bakat JoHaRa 2.0 kini kembali di ERA fm!
Asah bakat anda sekarang sebelum bermulanya edisi kedua pada 26 Ogos ini untuk peluang memenangi wang besar RM50,000. Anda boleh mendaftarkan diri melalui IVR Bakat JoHaRa khas, atau melalui video pada Youtube ataupun Instagram. Jangan tunggu lagi!


Maldive del Salento said...
March 11, 2015 at 6:10 AM

ait cultures, traditions, good things to eat and lots of sunny mornings ..
Holiday Salento