May 4, 2013

WE have moved!

In SAYS, we strive to create products that provide comprehensive best experience for our members. A year ago, we launched Stories to give the members of the new SAYS news experience. Everyone is thrilled with the news of the existence of different angles, and to share with their friends.

Stories and Specials after use is increasing, we have received feedback on how Specials can be better if they have their own place. So, we have decided to move into a new house Specials.

Intended new home is With the existence of a new home, we can devote more attention to improving the quality of Specials. With this, Specials will no longer be displayed in, but can be found in including all the 'earnings' as well.

8Share will resemble Specials, but we believe that with this new space, it will become more flexible and we will try to give you a new experience :)