May 4, 2013

Ready to take on the world

Nokia Asha phones give you all the style and features you need for your life on the go.

What are you waiting for? The Asha range has everything you need to keep you in the know – surf faster, be super-social, play everywhere and explore everything. Live your life, your way.

With Nokia Xpress Browser on your Asha phone, you can really enjoy time spent online. Because for the same data charge, you can use the internet up to 3x more with than with other browsers.

Swap SIMs without switching off - One for work, one for play. One for chatting, one for browsing. One for… You tell us. With Easy Swap, you can change between up to five SIM cards without switching your phone off. Mix it up. Set yourself free.

Looking for the party? Fire up Nokia Maps, find your destination and get turn-by-turn directions. Or use Nokia Nearby to discover restaurants, bars, hotels, ATMs – anything you need and see exactly where they are on a map.

Stay in the loop with instant updates from your favourite social networks: with built-in Facebook, Twitter and eBuddy, you can chat, share pictures and updates with your mates.

Pack 40 EA games worth €75 onto your phone – for free. From classic blockbuster Tetris to high-octane racer Need For Speed, download the lot and give boredom the brush-off.