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Apr 14, 2013

One bag fits all!

One bag fits all!

It is a challenge to find a bag that you can bring to classes, and to shopping outings too. Here’s an extremely versatile and durable option! With the Clubmod Sisterly Backpack, you can now have a shoulder bag for casual use that’ll double as a backpack when you go to classes.
An extremely versatile and durable backpack, suitable for almost all occassions. The Sisterly backpack can be converted into a shoulder bag for casual use, or a backpack when needed. Main body is made out of canvas, which renders it hard to be scratched and damaged. Front buckle has magnetic closure.

Simple, practical and elegant design is sure to appeal to those who appreciates value and quality.

100% Locally Made.

Size: Approximately 34.3cm x 34.3cm x 12.7cm

Adjustable Back Strap: 62.25cm when fully extended

Handle: 20.3cm at highest point