Feb 20, 2013

How to attract a million girls.

You don’t need a million dollars to be that One in a Million man; RM89 will do!

Lomani’s Pure Gold Men Million EDT will have you smelling sexy and uber manly with its sweet notes floral and mandarin notes combined with leather base notes. The girls won’t know what hit ‘em! Get the Pure Gold Men Million EDT for only RM89 now!

Top notes are sparkling and sweet notes of mandarin. Heart note is floral and base note is leather that makes it smell more refined, manly and powerful.

Lomani Pure Gold Men Million EDT (100ml) – only RM89.00
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Let patchy makeup be a thing of the past!

You know how they always say that most off-the-counter foundations may not be suitable for Asian skin tones? With home-grown brand SimplySiti, you can now get the perfect finish with the Bejeweled Powder Foundation!

For only RM62.90, get the SimplySity Bejeweled Powder Foundation in Light Beige.

Introducing our very own Special Edition Bejeweled Collection by SimplySiti. With a combination of Bejeweled Ruby and Bejeweled Sapphire, we provide our customers with two color range for them to choose. Mix and match, the special color selection is suitable for everyone. Easy to match with anything for any occasion.

SimplySiti Bejeweled Powder Foundation SPF 30 has a fine powder feel, soft and smooth texture and long lasting effect. It can effectively cover blemishes on your skin. Formulated with SPF 30 to protect your skin against the effect of UVA and UVB rays. Silica helps to absorb more oiliness, combined with Jewelry Powder to provide a brightening effect to your skin. Enriched with Vitamin E to give a natural finish and provide brightening effect.

FREE 7-Day Nationwide Delivery